Bwoglines: Our Brains Are Fried But We’re Happy To Be Here Edition

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You define your own truth.

Happening in the world: It has recently been discovered by the All-Knowing that Neanderthals may have used plants to treat pain long before the advent of pills. (CNN)

Happening in the Granny Smith: Declines in federal funding to NYC for programs that assist the city’s poorest are beginning to show. Two city agencies that provide subsidized housing predict a total of $58 million in losses by the end of the year. (The New York Times)

Happening on campus: Well, it’s probably going to snow. Storm Reggie, who seems like a delightful person, is coming to town. Stay warm and donate blankets or money to shelters if you can. (

Overheard: See inset picture. a Bwogger’s LitHum class put up a fake sign reserving space in Hartley.

Health goth tip: Neither macronutrient is more harmful or beneficial than the others; you need a balance of all three — carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. There are several macronutrient calculators around the calculate your needs based on height, weight, and amount of physical activity.

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