Bwoglines: Runaway Edition

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Me trying to pull a Chris Christie from my flesh prison

Happening in the world: In Lucknow, India, a 10 to 12-year old girl was found living with a band of monkeys. The police are still trying to identify the girl and her parents. (Boston Globe)

Happening in B.A. (Big Apple): Chris Christie, infamous NJ governor, can run, but he can’t hide. Taking a brief excursion after the slight derailment of a New Jersey Transit train on Monday, Chris Christie was called the f*** out by many riders pissed off from missing hours of work and wages. (New York Times)

Happening on campus: Check out RACE | VIOLENCE | JUSTICE: THE NEED FOR NARRATIVE, A Basic Narrative Medicine Workshop, which is happening all day in the Hammer Health Sciences Center.

Overheard: “Why do you have a lighter?” “I like incense.”

Health goth tip of the day: Wearing sunscreen on your face decreases the risk of skin cancer, reduces blotchiness, and slows down aging. Try it!

Vase fragments via The Met

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