Bwog Detox Session Tonight At 7 pm

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Wondering what that bitter, metallic taste in your mouth is? A mix of regret and shame, a lot of alcohol and probably a small portion of leftover vomit hiding in the deep crevices of your eating hole! After a day of excessive drinking, Bwog is here to help you ease the hangover, so you can hide your pain, hide your vices and put on a big, winner smile for those admitted student class of 2021. Show them the side of Columbia that they would not see if they decided to come!

Bwog will be holding a detox session tonight at 7 pm, so we can all talk about campus news, gossips and resuscitate our livers. Students from Days of Campus are welcomed to join us! Bring your friends, last night hookups, and your pitches. We will meet you at Lerner 505, 7 pm.

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