Bwoglines: Cherry Blossom Edition

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Happening in the United States: United Airlines‘ publicity nightmare just got even worse. Lawsuit experts have all but guaranteed a sound victory for the doctor dragged from the flight, if he decides to sue the airlines. (NBC News)

Happening in New York City: New York State is unacceptably behind on its promise to resettle mentally ill adults from independent housing into supportive adult housing. One federal judge noticed. (The New York Times)

Happening near Campus: It’s cherry blossom season! Check out these gorgeous trees near you in Riverside Park or around¬†the Jacqueline O. Kennedy Reservoir in Central Park.

Overheard: “Being forced to read this entire book in a week is a crime and punishment.”

Music of the Day: Did you know that George Gershwin’s famous Rhapsody in Blue was written on the corner of 110th and Amsterdam? Give this jazzy masterpiece a listen!

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