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April is in full bloom! While we’re sneezing our guts up and counting down the days until summer, CC has been getting ready for another year of student council. Before voting begins, we would like to endorse the Grassroots Party: Ruben Rui Diaz-Pacheco, CC ’18, for President, Richard Nederlander, CC ’18, for Vice President of Policy, and Cindy Liu, CC ’18, for Vice President of Campus Life. We were impressed by their commitment to improving student life at Columbia, and we believe they will bring refreshing ideas to CCSC.

Something that stood out to us was their dedication to improving support for first-generation students. Ruben told us about how his experience as a first-generation student has motivated him to run for CCSC, as he found the programming and resources available to such students lacking. We also admire Grassroots’ plan to combat food insecurity, as they are committed to moving CU closer to guaranteeing food to all students. Their platform includes the establishment of a CCSC food bank, as the only resources available for CC students facing food insecurity are currently student-run. They believe Columbia should absorb at least some of this responsibility, and want to use their positions in CCSC to do so.

Grassroots is also passionate about preserving campus traditions. They are committed to supporting The Band and to working with the administration to negotiate a plan for Orgo Night to take place in 209. They also plan on throwing a carnival in the fall to create a large-scale, exciting, campus-wide event for students to look forward to in the fall. Imagined as an ultra-club fair, student groups will host booths where they can display unique, representative attractions for the community to enjoy. Ultimately, their goal would be to bring together the community for a day of fun outside. In addition to student-group carnival booths, CCSC would provide some attractions as well, such as a bouncy castle and games. Notably, Grassroots understands the severe limits placed on any plan for a full fledged Fall Bacchanal, and their plan is not only reasonable and actionable, but also unique and exciting—unlike the precipitous plans of the other CCSC parties.

Ultimately, we are attracted to Grassroots’ outsider perspective. As a group of students who have been here for three years, they have first-hand experience with the real issues Columbia students face, and want to fix them. We recognize a genuine passion to create changes that will survive their tenure, and trust their desire to improve student life at Columbia. But regardless of who you want to be in charge next year, please don’t forget to vote!


Amara Banks, Editor in Chief
Betsy Ladyzhets, Managing Editor
Finn Klauber, Internal Editor

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