Bwoglines: Plastic Edition

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Happening in the world: This quarter, Barbie sales fell 13%, while Mattel sales overall fell 15.4%. Uh, they still have what I don’t — millions of dollars. (BBC News)

Happening in Nico (long for NYC): A lawyer from Queens was arrested yesterday for stealing around $600,000 from the estate of a client, who was a judge. This is a ton of judicial things criss-crossing at a time. (New York Times)

Happening on campus: Community Lunch will be hosting a dinner and discussion panel on hunger tomorrow at 6:30 pm in the Broadway Presbyterian Church (601 West 114th).

Overheard: “Bee-wog”

Health goth tip: Uh, eat veggies?

Barbie gurl via Pixabay

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