Bwog In Bed: Americano Edition

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Not sure what this is, not sure who I am either

Bwogline: Yesterday, the House of Representatives narrowly passed The American Health Care Act, which would allow states to set health insurance rules and charge more for people with preexisting medical conditions. The bill could also mean defunding for Planned Parenthood. The bill has yet to pass in the Senate. (Washington Post)

Study Tip: Sleep. Really. Although an iced Americano in the morning will get you feeling like everything is all right in your life, sleep makes you feel all that and more.

Music: Doubtlessly, finals will get you thinking about sugar daddies. Listen to Lana Del Rey’s latest Lust for Life.

Procrastination: Listen to what NYC probably sounded like 400 years ago.

Overheard: “I think it’s spelled ‘Duncan Donuts.'”

Two Male Figures, Possible Study for “Hell” by John Singer Sargent via the Met

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