1. secret admirer  

    j9 you are amazing!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Best public sleeping spot is the TC library amirite or amirite ✌🏽

  3. Shezza

    Diana Center LL2 couches, Noco little sitting area one flight up from library entrance orange couch, Hewitt study lounge big armchairs are my personal favorites//love you

  4. ahem  

    J9...U are against my religion tbh.

  5. Anonymous  

    J9 is the best I'm going to miss you so much!!!

  6. ur son with the oedipus complex  

    j9, you are a mogul! A don! A boss! You are self-made! The greatest that ever did it! I am in LOVE with you!!!! Be my wife!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  7. Anonymous

    I love you, Jannine <3

  8. j.bone  

    The absolute GOAT

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