Bwog In Bed: Trapped In The Stacks Edition

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Our home during this hellish week?

Bwogline: A NYC lawyer raced a subway train on foot, and won. He’s no stranger to kicking the MTA’s ass – he previously won the Guiness world record for fastest time to travel through every station in the city – but he claims to be “done with the subway things for a while” after this victory. (NY Daily News)

Study tip: Change locations! Sitting in the same spot in your dorm’s lounge or the same room in Butler for several hours at a time can cause you to stagnate in your studying as well. Even just moving floors can help revive your motivation.

Music: Remember Owl City? Ten million fireflies, songs about the dentist, and instrumentals that were always vaguely reminiscent of outer space? Well, Adam Young, the man behind Owl City, is still making music – last year, he decided to take a break from pop to create a series of instrumental soundtracks for inspirational moments in human history (including the Apollo 11 mission, the first successful climb of Mount Everest, Joe Kittinger’s 1960 parachute jump, and more). All twelve of these soundtracks are great study music, and they’re all free on YouTube, Spotify, and Adam Young’s website.

Procrastination Tip: Turn off your wifi and play the no internet connection/jumping dinosaur game on Google Chrome. Then, keep your wifi turned off to get cracking on that paper.

Overheard: Outside Butler: “She’s more hated than Bwog.” Aw, we love our fans  (´ ε ` )♡

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