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As the end of the summer approached, Events Editor Lexie Lehmann took some time to unplug at a contemporary Buddhist monastery in Crestone, CO for a meditation and yoga retreat. This Bwogger is a city girl at heart so it was definitely a bit of a culture shock to immerse herself in ~nature~ for a little bit. Here’s what she heard and saw!

Saw: Every night I saw a beautiful sunset setting over the tallest mountain in North America. I also saw an authentic Tibetan stupa, the dunes of Great Dunes National Park, and many legal marijuana dispensaries.

Heard: The sound of silence. But seriously. It was so quiet I really felt like I could hear myself think. Perfect for meditation.

Felt: Um, like, 25 mosquito bites. Also a killer sunburn. Oops.

Tasted: The monks at Crestone Mountain Zen Center cooked us vegetarian meals produced from the sustainable garden on the Center’s campus. It was fabulous; we had fresh sourdough bread, ripe watermelon, and helllla tea. My mouth is watering at the thought of it now.

Smelled: TreeEeeSss

Read: I actually did a lot of reading while I was there!! One book I picked up was Robert Thurman’s Inner Revolution, an introduction to Buddhist practice and thought. Thurman is also a professor at Columbia (and Uma Thurman’s father!!)

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  1. Deserves to be Here

    ummm...unless you were in Alaska at Denali you did not see the tallest mountain in North America. Interesting that an you employ this person as an editor, but it's what I've come to expect from Bwog.

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