Bwoglines: Going Overboard Edition

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Can Mother Nature settle down for a second?

Happening in the world: The southeast United States and Caribbean Islands are starting to take steps towards recovery efforts. Photos of Hurricane Irma’s impact can be seen here. (The Atlantic)

Happening in NYC: Brian Coll, a former Rikers Island correctional officer was recently sentenced to 30 years in prison after beating up and killing a seriously ill inmate. According to the Times, inmate Ronald Spear was restrained face down on the floor by several other officers as Coll kicked him in the head several times. (NY Times)

Happening on campus:  Today from 6-8pm in the International Affairs Building there will be a talk called, “Investigating North Korean Sanctions Violations: Trends and Indicators.”

Overheard: “What did Hewitt do to deserve your wrath?”


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