Bwoglines: Tampering, Damaging, And Neglecting

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What ever happened to predictability?

Happening in the world: With allegations of tampering with the results of the Kenyan presidential election, the Kenyan Supreme Court ruled that the election be “re-run” within the next 60 days. The voting irregularities found convinced the court to dismiss the election results. This is the first time that an African country is redoing an election. (BBC)

Happening in the United States: Cities in California are suing oil companies for the environmental damage that is being inflicted on their cities. Both Oakland and San Francisco are seeking money to protect homes and city property from climate change. (Buzzfeed)

Happening in NYC: After being completed, the 2nd Avenue subway failed to finish the final steps of safety testing. Although the line is under a “temporary safety certificate.” Introducing an $800 million plan to fix problems with the overall subway system, Cuomo has been criticized for starting new projects instead of solving current problems. (NY Times)

Happening on campus: The President of Costa Rica is coming to the World Leaders Forum! If you’re unable to see His Excellency speak in person, Columbia is live streaming the event.


Person 1: “I’m more into the fruity ice cream, like sorbet.”
Person 2: “That sounds like gay ice cream.”

Person 3: “Sorb-gay.”



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