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Even Homer can’t handle this bullshit.

After having been back at Columbia University for a few weeks, Bwog is once again struck by how little attention their classmates have paid to the assigned readings- or logic in general. Here, Bwog Senior Staff Writer Gabrielle Kloppers recounts a few choice excerpts.

“I know these are statues, but like…the Greeks…didn’t actually fight centaurs, right?” – regarding the Parthenon. Art Hum truly is illuminating!

“Plato’s use of censorship in the Kallipolis is like, totally like the core office picking only white men for the CC syllabus.” Yes, Plato was thinking of us.

“I thought this was Egyptian Architecture.” – Economy and Society

“Mencken would have been a Trump supporter.” Mencken would have decried the democratic system that allowed Trump to come to power.

“I come from a social anthropology background so I can’t actually answer that question. I have a PhD though!” TA in a physical anthropology class.

“But that doesn’t sound right…” in Symbolic Logic, to a direct example of one of the basic rules of Symbolic Logic.

“I feel like Sinclair Lewis was himself an anti-Semite,” in response to a book that satirizes the ignorance of the anti-Semitic main character.

Number 1: the classmate that simply shut her laptop and walked out of the class when the professor said they didn’t allow electronic note-taking on the first day.

Enjoy the weekend, where (hopefully) we will all be free of such structured idiocy.

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    Centaurs and Satyrs are really men doing animals

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