Bwoglines: Implosion Edition

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Happening Around The World: In an independence referendum vote, 90% of individuals in Catalonia voted for independence from Spain. Spanish police injured hundreds of individuals in Catalonia in response to the vote, with the Spanish government not recognizing the referendum as being legal. (The Guardian)

Happening In The US: A mass shooting occurred last night during a music festival at the Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over 50 people have been killed, making it the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States. (NBC)

Saying goodbye to everyone’s least favorite bridge in the city.

Happening In NYC: Just like my grades and my will to do work this semester, the Kosciuszko Bridge went down yesterday morning, a bridge that once connected the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. A planned implosion caused the bridge to fall down, allowing for construction of a newer, more modern bridge. (NBC)

Happening On Campus: The SGA is hosting a livestream with Barnard president Sian Beilock TONIGHT at the Diana Center from 8-9 PM. More information regarding this event can be found here.

Overseen At Columbia: Two girls at Ferris trying to make out with each other through the windows while one girl’s pasta bowl spills under her.

What I’m Listening to Today: Mi Gente Feat. Beyonce – J Balvin

Kosciuszko Bridge Is Falling Down via Curbed NY

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  1. Anonymous

    90% of people voted for the resolution, but turnout was only 40%. you should present the whole picture.

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