Bwoglines: Good News Edition

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This face will end homophobia.

Happening Around The World: An ad in New Zealand challenges casual homophobia through “the medium of a dropped pie”. Rainbow Youth, a New Zealand-based LGBT+ charitable organisation, released the ad earlier this week on their Facebook page. Within its first three days, the video racked up 430k views and an overwhelming positive response! Watch the ad to find out how a dropped pie can move a nation to end their casual homophobia. (BBC)

Happening In The US: Animal rescue groups, like Wings of Rescue and The Sato Project, are sending volunteer pilots to fly into Puerto Rico to rescue cats and dogs. As we know, Puerto Rico has been absolutely devastated by an onslaught of hurricanes, these animal rescue groups have taken it upon themselves to evacuate the many stray animals on the island from a heavily pregnant dog to a badly injured puppy. If only Americans cared this much about the Puerto Rican people! (Today)

Happening In NYC: The 55th New York Film Festival (NYFF) is happening right now! From September 28th to October 15th, the NYFF will screen some exciting new features, documentaries, short films, and host a series of panels with filmmakers like Richard Linklater, Sean Baker, Hong sang-soo, and many more. Today, ‘Thunder Road’, ‘Til The End of Time’, and ‘Call Me By Your Name’, are slated to be screened! (NYFF)

Happening On Campus: Our very own, Joachim Frank, PhD, professor of biochemistry, molecular biophysics, and of biological sciences, has been awarded the 2017 Nobel prize for chemistry! Alongside Richard Henderson and Jacques Dubochet, Frank has been awarded in recognition “for developing cryo-electron microscopy for the high-resolution structure determination of biomolecules in solution”. What does that mean? No clue, but it sounds pretty cool. Well done, Joachim! (CUMC)

Overheard: I refuse to club to a slowed down remix of Sweater Weather.

My Happy Pie Technique by Orin Zebest via Flickr

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