Bwoglines: Indigenous Peoples Day Edition

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Happening Around The World: You know when you have to give a presentation in class, and it feels like something’s caught in your throat, and you just can’t talk right? Theresa May does too – yesterday, she gave a disastrous and oft-interrupted speech on Brexit, a disastrous and oft-interrupted venture. #justtorythings (BBC)

First the McBain bathrooms, and now this.

Happening In The US: Mean Girls Day may have been on Tuesday, but we’ve got some real Plastics in our government this whole week. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, whose ties to Russia are so big because they’re full of secrets, had to go on the record denying that he called President Trump a “moron”. Honestly, he’s not wrong. (CNN, BBC, NPR)

Happening In NYC: Mayor Bill De Blasio has been accused of being a “fake Italian” and has also been asked not to participate in the city’s annual Columbus Day parade, which takes place this Sunday. He eats pizza with a knife and fork, so I’m surprised it took this long. (Gothamist)

Happening At Columbia: Head to the Harriman Institute Atrium at 6:00 PM (IAB Floor 12) for a screening of the documentary film I Came to Testify (60 min) and a discussion with much of the film’s creative team. The film is the story of the war in the Balkans and how 16 Bosnian women who faced rape and imprisonment at the hands of the Serbs “broke history’s great silence – and stepped forward to take the witness stand in an international court of law.”

Overseen: A toenail in Noco. Whoever did this, you’re worse than those people who clip their nails/do their makeup/any sort of personal grooming on the subway.

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