Students Protest Professor Suzanne Goldberg’s Class

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On Thursday, a group of students walked into Columbia Professor Suzanne Goldberg’s undergraduate seminar in Gender Studies carrying signs and reading a list of their grievances aloud. They also handed out a¬†modified version of her syllabus that discusses Title IX requirements, and how Columbia – and Prof. Goldberg herself – violate them.

In the video, Prof. Goldberg can be seen telling the students that they are interrupting her class and asking them to leave before returning to the board.

Although regarded as a leading expert in gender and sexuality law, Prof. Goldberg has been at the center of much controversy regarding her appointment as interim Title IX coordinator last year. No Red Tape, a University organization that “works to end sexual and domestic violence in our campus communities”, claims that she has a history of covering up sexual assault cases in favor of protecting Columbia’s image, and as the University’s Rules Administrator, has a “vested interest in discouraging or inhibiting students from exercising their Title IX rights.”

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  1. Anonymous  

    OMG Suzy's ego is so fragile she literally can't be quiet for 60 seconds.

  2. GS '17

    Hahaha, and so zey devour zemselveves!

  3. Anonymous

    They were all Barnard students. They should be expelled for disruption. Students are paying tuition to hear that class.

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