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Picasso, who?

I know you already know who I am, but just in case you’ve been under a wifi-insulating rock since yesterday at 1:47 am, let me catch you up to speed. I posted this meme to buy/sell last night and from there, my entire life changed.

I got to my 8:40 a minute before class started but my new fans saved a seat in the front row, just for me. Some kid walked up a few moments after and looked upset, but he was probably just jealous and I know better than pay attention to the haters. When my professor asked us to work in groups, my groupmates did all the work without even asking me to help, probably because they know that statistics stifles my creative process. People are so considerate when you actually matter.

At Ferris for lunch, there was a long line for everyone else, but no one batted an eyelash when I strode to the front of the line and walked right in. The least they could do to repay me for my contributions to the arts is throw me some free eggs once in a while. I even heard some people muttering about me as I walked through the lines. Good things, I’m sure.

See how the rest of my day went…



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“Not everything can be preserved.”

Last night, the Cuban Program Institute of Latin American Studies kicked off their semester-long lecture series, Cuba and Beyond, with former Belgian and European Union Ambassador to Cuba, Herman Portocarero. He came to discuss his book “Havana Without Makeup: Inside the Soul of the City” as well insights into the inner-workings of an island community with a rich culture and many contradictions. Staff writer Isabel Sepúlveda brings you the highlights.

Making the trek up to the 8th floor of the International Affairs Building with a couple minutes to spare, I sat with my notebook and free cookies and immediately noticed the casual Spanish conversation throughout the room. By the time people had settled into their seats and introductions were beginning, I came to the realization that I was quite possibly the only undergraduate in the room and everyone else seemed to have a great deal of background knowledge about the topic at hand. Though I was originally worried the conversation would go over my head, it ended up being one of the most enriching experiences I’ve had on campus.

Herman Portocarero opened the talk with a fifteen-minute overview of his views on the city of Havana, and Cuba in general, after years as a diplomat. He talked about the physical construction of the city, describing it as “the most beautiful ruin in the world” and discussing the history, such as the mass exodus of urban whites after the rise of Castro, that caused it to achieve that description. He talked about the soul of the city, which he believed to be in its authentic culture and people coming together, as well as the ethnic and cultural make-up of the people of Havana: largely white but with perhaps the strongest influence of African culture in Latin America. Having not read his book, I was not quite sure if these were the topics covered within, but nonetheless, it was interesting to see what he believed based on his extensive experiences.

He also touched on two key questions. The first: what makes Cuba so special? His answer was that it was a country of contradictions. The second: was it, meaning the Revolution, worth it? He believed, once again that in Cuba’s own region, the Revolution allowed it to escape many of the issues facing other Latin American cultures, such as high social inequality and high rates of citizen-on-citizen violence, though at an expense. He seemed critical of the system he viewed, but ultimately respectful of the culture he had been living in for so many years.

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C’mon… tell me you don’t see the resemblance!

I have a few uncommon opinions that I hold very strongly. Like the fact that the day should start at 6:00 AM instead of 12:00 AM (it makes so much more sense to have 12 hours of daylight followed by 12 hours of night). Or that Arial should be outlawed in favor of Helvetica supremacy. However, there’s one opinion that I could rant about for hours if given the chance: group chats are a terrible way to make plans as a group.

There’s one essential truth in this world: the absolute minimum number of days before the event you need to notify the parties you want to attend is approximately equal to the number of people you plan to accommodate. Simple, right? If you want to go out to the movies with two friends on Friday, let them know to clear out their schedule on Wednesday. If you’re hosting a party for thirty people, let them all know a month in advance.

However, all this relies on the assumption of a single planner, and things are complicated immensely by the presence of a group chat. It’s happened to the tightest of squads; one minute someone texts “yo what are we doing tn,” someone has an idea, someone has plans and proposes an alternate time, someone can’t make the alternate time, someone proposes some abstract date in the future (“maybe next week?”) and everyone sits at home watching old episodes of The Good Place.

Don’t worry: I have answers.



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Is it worth starting Silicon Valley at this point? I feel so behind.

Happening Around The World: Over a three-month amnesty period, Australians handed in a total of 51,000 illegal firearms to the government, representing about a fifth of illegal firearms. Gun control activists in the US often point to Australia for their government’s response to a 1996 mass shooting, which included bans on assault weapons and strict background checks. (Reuters)

Happening In The US: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued tough new restrictions on the payday loan industry, which loans out money to low-income workers short-term, with some loans having up to 300% interest. There are now more payday loan stores in the US than McDonalds. (New York Times)

Happening In NYC: A NYC Bartender has been charming the nation and slamming the competition on Jeopardy! this week. Austin Tyler Rogers has amassed over $300,000 on his eight-day winning streak, and he still hasn’t lost. Good luck tonight! (Gothamist)

Happening At Columbia: The Ferris Reel Film Society is hosting a free screening of The Big Sick tonight, a comedy about the real-life courtship of comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, Emily V. Gordon. It got 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, so I’m 98% sure I’m going!

Bop Of The Day: Heavy by Oh Wonder

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