Field Notes: TC Attic Edition

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This weekend, Bwog went wild, per usual. Freshman Bwogger Thomas Saenz compiled Bwog’s wildest moments throughout the weekend and arranged them for your enjoyment!


Bwog In The City:

  • Had a genuine New York City “this is something straight out of a rom com” moment down in the village.
  • Helped a family of five tourists buy a metro card, then had to swipe them through when they kept screwing it up.
  • Went to a darty in Brooklyn.
  • Heard a police officer invoke Jesus Christ after stepping in a pool of vomit.
  • Joked about peeing in the Lincoln center fountain, got a stern look from the security guard.
  • Went to the Whitney to look at some fine art.
  • Dramatically (and dangerously) exited an Uber mid-ride because the driver wasn’t listening to me.
  • Attended an alumni reunion for Obama’s high school on a tribeca roof w/ a basketball court. Obama wasn’t there.


Bwog And Drugs / Alcohol:

  • Smuggled slushies from the cool zone at JJ’s and went back to my room to mix them with vodka.
  • Saw Blade Runner: 2049 drunk, but for the first 20 minutes sat in the 3D theater instead and was unsure why it was so blurry
  • Drunk-texted my high school crush that he should break up with his girlfriend for me.
  • Consumed an unhealthy amount of budweiser playing rage cage.
  • Smuggled a peach-a-rita I got for free (thanks, Bwog!) into a Craig David concert. Proceeded to rave in a crowd of British 25-year-olds.
  • Had my first kiss while playing a drinking game at a party.

    The TC attic looks like something from a horror story

  • Did drunk jumping jacks and SMASHED my friends phone.

Bwog On Campus:

  • Accidentally fell asleep on the toilet for an hour after turning off the bathroom lights due to a severe headache.
  • Went to an EC party hosted by an OL leader I was caught gossiping about during NSOP
  • Got chased by a raccoon in Riverside.
  • Bared my ass in several places on campus, including but not limited to: the McBain stairwell, the lawns, the track in TC, and Presbo’s doorway.
  • Approved my own request to join a club on LionLink.
  • Told a guy I’m not even fucking that I didn’t consider it a relationship until they had practically moved in. He brought over a sleeping bag, fan and speaker set up to my room the next afternoon and only left last night. Still blue-balled though.
  • Sang a parody of “That’s What I Like” about consent.
  • Told my coach about a time I peed my pants in elementary school because I didn’t want to get up from my computer game
  • Spent Friday night with a boy who gives me butterflies.

TC is scary as hell via Bwogger

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