Bwoglines: Lmfaooo Edition

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Me, thinking about all the good news in the world lol

Happening Around The World: Mariano Rajoy, the prime minister of Spain, seeks clarification from Catalonia, asks whether or not they have declared independence. After signing a letter of independence, Catalan leaders had suspended its immediate implementation, as tensions between Catalonia and the rest of Spain began to rise. The possibility of PM Rajoy invoking his emergency powers to halt Catalan self-rule still remains. A response from Catalan leaders is pending. (BBC)

Happening In The US: After the first exposé by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, more and more individuals have stepped forward with their accounts of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour. Six more women, including famed actresses, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, have come forward detailing how the film producer and (former) studio executive abused his powers. Paltrow stated, “This way of treating women ends now.” (NYT)

Happening In NYC: Yesterday’s trial of the Chelsea bombing suspect, Ahmad Rahimi, was funnier than you thought. One key piece of evidence were several texts between Rahimi and an individual named Zobeydh. One text from Rahimi read, “Lmfaooo don’t wanna find any time bombs”. When Rahimi was asked what “Lmfaooo” meant, the jury and the courtroom audience reportedly broke into laughter with Rahimi giggling as well. (Daily)

Happening On Campus: Barnard Columbia Divest and Columbia EcoReps have teamed up to co-sponsor a panel on “federal environmental attacks in the Trump era“. Speakers include Susan Kraham, professor and attorney at Columbia Law School’s Environmental Law Clinic, Sara Tjossem, Professor of Environmental Policy at SIPA, and Jennie Olsen, a Federal Environmental Defense Fellow at Environment America. Join the conversation on how we can protect our bedrock environmental laws tonight from 8-9pm in Pupin 414.

Bop Of The Day: Man’s Not Hot by Big Shaq

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