Bwoglines: Mr. Robot Edition

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Happening Around The World: Hackers. They’re everywhere. First jet and navy data was stolen from Australia, now it’s been reported that North Korea’s hacking abilities are “beyond imagination”  after it stole secret intelligence documents yesterday. Might be time to put that tape on your computer camera. (BBC, ABC)

What I imagine hackers do, based on my Computing in Context class. Which I’m failing. 

Happening In The US: Donald Trump has just added the First Amendment to the list of things he’s insulted, remarking that it’s “frankly disgusting” that the press is able to write what they want. Perhaps he’s expecting his “Second Amendment people” to back him up? (NYTimes, Washington Post)

Happening In NYC: An actual thing that’s cool and good is happening for once: Grand Central is set to transform into a movie theater for one night only next week, showing the classic “North by Northwest”. The event is free and catered, but ticketed. Get yours here.

Happening At Columbia: Pulitzer-prize winning novelist and Barnard alum Jhumpa Lahiri is speaking at the Diana Oval tonight at 6:30. It’s first-come, first-serve, so make sure to go early!

Overseen: A family of rats running across the construction tunnel at Barnard. Look, I know it’s dark and enclosed and people don’t know how to share the space, but this still isn’t the subway.

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  1. Anonymous

    Inflatable union mutant ninja rats were modelled on the 1970s Barnard girls with big butts, glasses and big noses

  2. Terminix Man  

    Hey Bwog, looks like you have a troll problem. Call Terminix at 888-668-0119 to keep pests out.

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