Bwoglines: Teacake Terry Edition

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Once a Tunnock teacake exploded on a V bomber

Happening Around The World: Terry was launched into space! Terry, a chocolate Tunnock’s teacake from Glasgow, was sent into the Earth’s atmosphere at a peak altitude of 37,007 metres. Terry launched into the atmosphere, glided over the Earth’s curvature, and landed back in a tree in Galloway Forest Park. Terry is made of marshmallow and chocolate. Don’t worry, you can still watch the two hour expedition on Facebook. (Sky)

Happening In The US: Bigfoot has been spotted once again at a lake in Northern California by self-proclaimed paranormal expert, Jeffrey Gonzalez. Bigfoot sightings are not uncommon in Northern California, as there have been at least three more sightings in the past five years. In one particular orchard in East Fresno County, two young men have claimed to have seen Bigfoot and another man claimed to have see five creatures. Gonzalez asked what’s on all our minds: Is this for real? (Fox)

Happening In NYC: A loose bull was running around Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York until recaptured by animal officers. After being seen running about near 17th street in South Slope and injuring a child in a stroller, the bull made its way to Prospect Park. Animal officers were ultimately able to tranquillise and recapture the animal. It is still unclear where the bull ran away from. (ABC)

Happening On Campus: The CU Asian-American Alliance (Triple-A) and YELLOW JACKETS have come together to present, “Unpacking Lunchbox Politics“, a panel discussion on media representation, East Asian privilege, and “how we must challenge ourselves and our peers in crossing the threshold from talking to taking action”. The event is happening tonight from 8:00 to 9:30 pm at Lerner 569 and is open to everyone.

Bop Of The Day: Man’s Not Hot (Big Shaq Diss) by Shaquille O’Neal & ShaqIsDope

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