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it’s that time of the year again!

Happy Wednesday! Bwog’s GSSC Bureau Chief, Alex Tang, is back with updates from yesterday’s meeting. This week, GSSC specifically acknowledged the fact that we’re all in the midst of midterms season. In the words of GS VP of Policy Raisa Flor, “remember to take care of yourselves during midterms week. Eat, drink, get enough sleep, and don’t be too hard on yourself.”

Today is Columbia’s annual Giving Day! The bulk of the General Studies meeting was focused on publicizing Giving Day and the various events that are happening on and off campus. Prizes (such as Flex points) will be given away throughout the day for specific challenges. Here are some ways GS students can enter to win prizes today:

  • Post a photo of yourself and/or your pet in Columbia blue. Use #ColumbiaGivingDay and be sure to call out GS. The winner will be posted by CAA on Twitter/Facebook when announced.
  • Show us the next generation of Columbians – Post a photo of your baby or child (nieces, nephews, grandkids, or friends are fine too!) wearing Columbia gear. Use #ColumbiaGivingDay and be sure to call out GS.
  • Send a Snapchat to @columbiagiving calling out GS. The winner will be posted by CAA on Twitter/Facebook when announced.

Furthermore, the Giving Day Celebration, hosted by GS, is taking place today between 5:30-7:30pm at the Penn/Columbia Club on 44th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues. Get your tickets here, and show up to meet fellow alumni and students and to grab some free refreshments.

GSSC President Sam Demezieux started the meeting by reviewing the purpose of Giving Day, characterizing it as an “opportunity for the Columbia community to come together in friendly competition” to see “who can raise the most funds for student initiatives.” Demezieux went on to state that a significant part of the funds raised by GS on Giving Day would go towards student scholarships, a large priority for the school. The president encouraged alumni and friends of GS to donate, while at the same time stating that students are not explicitly expected to donate.

Later in the meeting, GS University Senator Ramond Curtis discussed his involvement in meeting with Columbia administrators to improve upon current institutional responses to sexual assault. Curtis stressed that the main issue at Columbia is that “students don’t feel safe reporting sexual assault,” and that certain policy issues, which discourage victims from reporting sexual assault, need to be addressed. Curtis also emphasized that until the university can “create a climate that encourages students to report these instances [of sexual assault],” the university will be limited in what it can do to approach the issue of sexual assault as a whole. Curtis will attend today’s Presidential Advisory Committee on Sexual Assault.

Other announcements:

  • The deadline for the Ivy Leadership Summit application is today at 5pm. This year’s summit will take place at Princeton from November 10-12. GSSC urges more GS students to represent Columbia at this year’s summit, remarking that students from GS would bring unique perspectives to the council. Apply here.
  • VP of Policy Raisa Flor and International Students Representative Sophie Nielson plan to start an International Students Network to support international students and their careers. Flor acknowledged that international students have a particularly hard time finding jobs, and that the proposed network will help foster a community among international students and help with recruitment. Check back in the coming weeks for announcements regarding the network.
  • The GS University Senator Ramond Curtis announced that he is working with Columbia administrators to bring about more initiatives geared toward students with disabilities. Curtis plans to work with the administration to create a permanent academic testing space for students who need it.
  • To build upon the existing GS Health and Wellness Coalition, VP of Policy Raisa Flor is planning to have all health and wellness leaders at GS meet together once a month to coordinate initiatives and to prevent repeat events from various organizations.

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    The giving day is University wide today. Please donate.

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