Bwoglines: We Want Autonomy Edition

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Happening Around the World: The Italian regions of Veneto and Lombardy have voted in a referendum for greater autonomy from the Central Italian government. While turnout rates for both votes hovered around 50%, the vote for autonomy was astounding, with 98% and 95% voters backing it, respectively. This call for autonomy comes right after Catalonia’s own referendum which attempted to streamline independence from Spain. (NY Times)

Just another street waiting to be fucked over by Bill de Blasio.

Happening in the US: Justin Timberlake has been announced to be the performer at this year’s 52nd Super Bowl Halftime Show. This will be his second performance at the Super Bowl, with the first being in 2004 alongside Janet Jackson. (CNN)

Happening in the City: Mayor Bill de Blasio has revealed a plan to ease the congestion of Midtown traffic by imposing limitations on the times curbs can be used, creating new moving lanes for pedestrians and bikes, as well as doubling the amount of traffic enforcement within Midtown. This system is planned to be tested out on a few streets between 36th and 60th, and may be implemented across the city if considered a success. (ABC)

Happening on Campus: Interested in Asian-American relations and current issues facing Asian nations? “The Future of Asia: Voices of the Next Generation” is happening today from 12:00PM – 1:30PM in Room 1512 of the International Affairs Building! Panelists will lead discussions on topics that are pertinent to Asian countries today, and will look at intersections of identities and how they impact the future of the success of Asia.

Overheard: “I don’t think I can do my Econ problem sets with a Republican”

Song Recommendation: Ridin Round – Kali Uchis

Average Midtown street via StreetsBlog

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    Prussia and Bavaria want out of Germany, too

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