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Doing what I did best in my natural habitat.

With the lack of appropriate October weather, there has been a noticeably missing motif on campus: the Canada Goose. To gain an insider’s perspective on this epidemic, staff writer, Megan Wylie, jumped into her closet to get in the head of her dusty, aging parka.

We always hear about the effects of Climate Change on polar bears, and on penguins, and on humans; But do we ever hear about the true victims? It’s nearing the end of October but I, a carefully crafted manifestation of goose feathers and trust funds, have remained in the back of a closet. Thrown amongst old prep school sweatshirts and cashmere throws, I spend my days in envy of the short sleeve tees that have taken my place.

Homecoming has come and gone, but I remain unused. October is typically the month when my long summer hibernation comes to an end, and I resume my daily position outside of Butler with the rest of my flock. Every day I hope for a sudden plunge in temperatures, yet it is still 70 degrees outside.

Gone are the days that I complained about being pelted with gin and tonics in the back booth of 1020, or about the pitiful waits outside Mel’s in subzero terrains. Instead, I woke up one morning and with a coating of white powder on my waterproof exterior, and I thought, could it be? The beautiful feeling of snow that I longed for? I soon realized my excitement was premature, and it was just a thin layer of cocaine that had been the result of my owner’s tryst with an international student.

What else is the Goose thinking?



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Nothing is written on the notepad… same

Look, we get it. Midterms are a trying time for everyone; you’re running on maybe three hours of sleep over the last five days, trying to read every LitHum book you didn’t have time to earlier in the semester. With all this stress, it’s easy to forget the basic niceties that make our study spaces useful for everyone. Luckily, Bwog is here to remind you.

  • If you’ve got a bulky charger that takes up the space of more than one power outlet, try to plug it in so it takes up as little space as possible. Whether that’s at the end of the powerstrip or the bottom of the outlet, just try to leave some room for the rest of us if at all possible. Don’t be the person who plugs their giant Mac charger in the middle of the powerstrip and leave it there for three hours when the end is right there, waiting for you to use it, or I will personally challenge you to a duel.
  • In a similar vein, when your device is done charging, unplug it, especially when using a shared outlet or powerstrip. Your laptop will thank you for not overcharging and your table-mates will thank you for your kindness and consideration in this trying time.
  • I know that spot you’ve been staking out in Butler all day is very important to you, but there are literally thousands of students in this school and we all need somewhere to study. So if your excursion is going to take longer than around an hour, take your things with you. And think about it this way, if your spot isn’t there when you get back, you get the chance to try something new.

More friendly reminders below!



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Baby carrots + Butler = complete satisfaction

Midterm season is upon us, with the worst of it still yet to come. We know those sleepless nights in Butler are incomplete with an abundance of junk food, like chips, cookies, and cans of Red Bull with who knows how many calories. We all stress eat, but junk food is the last thing you want in your body as you’re cramming for your next midterm. Here at Bwog, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite healthy stress eating foods you can get on or near campus that’ll give you more energy, help recharge your brain, and make you feel less bad about skipping your daily cardio workout at Dodge.

Frozen Yogurt: A lighter alternative for when you’re craving ice cream. Cafe East has good froyo that many people don’t know about. If you ask for no toppings, it’s cheaper, and you get more actual froyo.

Grapes: At Bwog, we take pride in our weekly meeting grapes. You can get some at Morton Williams or if you’re willing to take the trek up, Westside Market.

Apples: All the dining halls have apples, although the ones at JJ’s are objectively the best. Additionally, putting almond or peanut butter on them gives them a nice texture and more flavor without adding on too many calories.

Sushi: Cafe East has the best sushi on campus, but if you’d prefer to use Barnard dining points, you can check out the sushi at Diana or Liz’s Place.

More healthy snack ideas below!



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what we think next week’s GSSC meeting will look like

Today, Bwog’s General Studies Student Council (GSSC) Bureau Chief, Alex Tang, brings us updates from last night’s GSSC meeting. Read about GSSC’s latest initiatives, concerning an upcoming Halloween costume party, transparency within the council, and the rights of students with disabilities on campus.

Halloween is happening on a Tuesday this year, which doesn’t sound too lit until you find out that you can party with GSSC! GSSC is hosting a Town Hall meeting next week in an effort to allow the General Studies student body to interact with the council. Free snacks and candy (including lots of international brands) will be provided. Come dressed in your costume, as the meeting will include a costume contest, with categories for the scariest, funniest, and best costume pair. GSSC plans to splurge quite a bit during this event, so do show up! As a GSSC council-member quipped, “What better event to go big than Halloween?”

During the meeting this week, GS Student Services and Academic Representative Yona Kornsgold introduced a resolution aimed at achieving greater transparency for GSSC within the GS community. Kornsgold acknowledged that GSSC has done a great job promoting transparency so far, through its live-streaming of weekly meetings and its creation of a policy tracker, which tracks the status of current and upcoming GSSC policies and initiatives.

Read more about transparency and other updates



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What made this happen? Why did he do this?

Happening In The World: China’s new senior leadership committee for the next five years has been announced. President Xi Jinping once again appoints himself to the committee, breaking tradition of producing a successor. This act has raised concerns over Xi’s long term plans for the future of China and some suggest that he may have a continued role in parliament until 2022. (BBC)

Happening In The US: Santa Anas, extra dry and hot winds, are affecting Southern California, raising temperatures to over 100°F. Quite a few schools announced short-day schedules due to the heat. Downtown Los Angeles experienced an alarming 104°F. (ABC)

Happening In NYC: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has approved a new fare payment system where passengers can use their smartphones, debit, or credit cards instead of a MetroCard. Starting next year, passengers will no longer need to swipe at subway turnstiles or bus fare boxes with their MetroCard. MetroCards are expected to be phased out by 2023. (NYT)

Happening On Campus: The information session for Camp Kesem, a community that supports children with their parents’ cancer, is happening today from 7 to 8pm in Hamilton 408. There are spaces for new First-Year Coordinators (FYC)!

Overheard: “What if ‘sausage’ was pronounced like ‘massage’?” “What, like… masausage?”

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