A Beginner’s Guide to Library Etiquette

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Look, we get it. Midterms are a trying time for everyone; you’re running on maybe three hours of sleep over the last five days, trying to read every LitHum book you didn’t have time to earlier in the semester. With all this stress, it’s easy to forget the basic niceties that make our study spaces useful for everyone. Luckily, Bwog is here to remind you.

  • If you’ve got a bulky charger that takes up the space of more than one power outlet, try to plug it in so it takes up as little space as possible. Whether that’s at the end of the powerstrip or the bottom of the outlet, just try to leave some room for the rest of us if at all possible. Don’t be the person who plugs their giant Mac charger in the middle of the powerstrip and leave it there for three hours when the end is right there, waiting for you to use it, or I will personally challenge you to a duel.
  • In a similar vein, when your device is done charging, unplug it, especially when using a shared outlet or powerstrip. Your laptop will thank you for not overcharging and your table-mates will thank you for your kindness and consideration in this trying time.
  • I know that spot you’ve been staking out in Butler all day is very important to you, but there are literally thousands of students in this school and we all need somewhere to study. So if your excursion is going to take longer than around an hour, take your things with you. And think about it this way, if your spot isn’t there when you get back, you get the chance to try something new.

  • Hygiene, please. Sometimes, these things get forgotten in the thick of studying for midterms, but set alarms on your phone or something to remind you to take a shower and change your clothes. I’m begging you.
  • Obey library regulations. This means if you aren’t allowed to take food into the library, don’t bring a snack. If you aren’t allowed to talk, take that phone call from your mom outside. If you do break a rule for whatever reason and a library employee calls you out on it, listen to them. They’re just doing their jobs and the longer you argue, the more you disturb everyone else.
  • Take a break… somewhere else. Study breaks are important and there are lots of cool activities happening all over campus planned by various clubs and residential life committees. Take advantage of those instead of distracting everyone by continuing your Netflix binge in the middle of Butler. Or, at least, go back to your dorm.

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  1. goody-goodies  

    "obey library regulations" lol ok y'all gonna ask to see my hall pass next? me and my milanos will be in 403 k bye

  2. Pirate's life for me.

    I just move people's shit, and they never do anything about it! This one girl made a few snarky comments, but that's about it. Most of the time I just get a dirty look.

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