Bwoglines: Things Are Heating Up Edition

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What made this happen? Why did he do this?

Happening In The World: China’s new senior leadership committee for the next five years has been announced. President Xi Jinping once again appoints himself to the committee, breaking tradition of producing a successor. This act has raised concerns over Xi’s long term plans for the future of China and some suggest that he may have a continued role in parliament until 2022. (BBC)

Happening In The US: Santa Anas, extra dry and hot winds, are affecting Southern California, raising temperatures to over 100°F. Quite a few schools announced short-day schedules due to the heat. Downtown Los Angeles experienced an alarming 104°F. (ABC)

Happening In NYC: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has approved a new fare payment system where passengers can use their smartphones, debit, or credit cards instead of a MetroCard. Starting next year, passengers will no longer need to swipe at subway turnstiles or bus fare boxes with their MetroCard. MetroCards are expected to be phased out by 2023. (NYT)

Happening On Campus: The information session for Camp Kesem, a community that supports children with their parents’ cancer, is happening today from 7 to 8pm in Hamilton 408. There are spaces for new First-Year Coordinators (FYC)!

Overheard: “What if ‘sausage’ was pronounced like ‘massage’?” “What, like… masausage?”

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