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Baby carrots + Butler = complete satisfaction

Midterm season is upon us, with the worst of it still yet to come. We know those sleepless nights in Butler are incomplete with an abundance of junk food, like chips, cookies, and cans of Red Bull with who knows how many calories. We all stress eat, but junk food is the last thing you want in your body as you’re cramming for your next midterm. Here at Bwog, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite healthy stress eating foods you can get on or near campus that’ll give you more energy, help recharge your brain, and make you feel less bad about skipping your daily cardio workout at Dodge.

Frozen Yogurt: A lighter alternative for when you’re craving ice cream. Cafe East has good froyo that many people don’t know about. If you ask for no toppings, it’s cheaper, and you get more actual froyo.

Grapes: At Bwog, we take pride in our weekly meeting grapes. You can get some at Morton Williams or if you’re willing to take the trek up, Westside Market.

Apples: All the dining halls have apples, although the ones at JJ’s are objectively the best. Additionally, putting almond or peanut butter on them gives them a nice texture and more flavor without adding on too many calories.

Sushi: Cafe East has the best sushi on campus, but if you’d prefer to use Barnard dining points, you can check out the sushi at Diana or Liz’s Place.

Ferris Salads: They’re extremely filling and super convenient, and you can put whatever you want in them.

Pickled Mango: I have yet to try this, but one Bwogger says it’s life-changing.

Baby Carrots: During finals last year, a Bwogger bought a two-pound bag of baby carrots at Morton Williams and downed the entire bag that night. Baby carrots also are great with hummus.

Craisins: Although another Bwogger didn’t finish the entire bag, she once spent an entire night in LeFrak with just a four-pound bag of craisins and her Calc III notes.

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables: Like frozen peas and frozen blueberries. If you’re not eating them straight from the bag, then what are you doing?

Dried Cranberries: You can fill up a cup of them at Ferris when they’re there.

Wasabi Peas: Also available at Ferris, near the salad toppings. You can also get them at John Jay.

Bananas: A good, cheap, nutrient-rich fruit option. I occasionally fill all my pockets with bananas from JJ’s to take back to my room because they’re so good. One Bwogger suggests pairing them with peanut butter, and another Bwogger suggests pairing them with a low-fat mozzarella cheese stick.

Applesauce: For a breakfast item meal swipe at JJ’s, you can get cute squeezable packets of applesauce. Nutritious and convenient.

Granola: Grab a scoop from Ferris along with the dried cranberries. You can also throw in some plain yogurt with some honey from the tea section on top if you want something more filling.

Cold Steamed Veggies: John Jay has these at the salad bar, and they serve as good snacks. The broccoli is easier to eat than raw and is great with hummus.

Avocado Toast: For a good, quick breakfast or a carb craving, split a bag of “Teeny Tiny Avocados” from Trader Joe’s, pay $2.50 each, walk away with 3 single-use avocados, and put them on bread from John Jay.

Popcorn: As long as you don’t go overboard with salt and butter, popcorn is a great snack. For best results, pop the seeds yourself on a stove.

Protein Packs: Liz’s Place has these for about 2 points or $2 each. Each “protein pack” contains a small serving of nuts and little cubes of deli meat and cheese. They’re pretty filling, especially if you pair them with fruits and vegetables.

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