Absolute Bagels Temporarily Shut Down By The Department Of Health

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Was your last lox spread bagel garnished with fly poop? Do you really care?

Absolute Bagels was shut down by the Department of Health this past Thursday for an array of sanitary violations, according to West Side Rag. A worker said that they are planning to reopen on Tuesday and that the exterminator is there, but the Department of Health will ultimately decide. Here is the list of violations:

  1. Hot food item not held at or above 140º F.
  2. Evidence of mice or live mice present in facility’s food and/or non-food areas.
  3. Filth flies or food/refuse/sewage-associated (FRSA) flies present in facility’s food and/or non-food areas. Filth flies include house flies, little house flies, blow flies, bottle flies and flesh flies. Food/refuse/sewage-associated flies include fruit flies, drain flies and Phorid flies.
  4. Food not protected from potential source of contamination during storage, preparation, transportation, display or service.
  5. Facility not vermin proof. Harborage or conditions conducive to attracting vermin to the premises and/or allowing vermin to exist.

Absolute Bagels was previously shut down for a few days in 2013 for a longer list of sanitary violations.

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