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Scarecrows scare crows

Happening In The World: On Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, about 700 refugees in an Australian-run immigration detention centre refuse to leave, even though requests for food and water are being denied. Last year in April, the PNG Supreme Court ruled that the refugees were “being deprived of their personal liberty” as they were not allowed to leave the centre. Now, the gates are open, yet refugees refuse to leave as they worry they are at risk of “being attacked by locals who don’t want them living in their town”. Many refugees still remain, despite the centre’s officially closing on October 31st, 2017. (CNN)

Happening In The Nation: Production for the final sixth season of the acclaimed political drama, “House of Cards”, has been suspended by Netflix, due to sexual misconduct allegations against lead Kevin Spacey. Netflix and Media Rights Capital, a production company, stated that they were going “to review the current situation” and “address any concerns of our cast and crew”. Spacey has been accused by stage and film actor, Anthony Rapp, for allegedly making sexual advances on a 14 year old Rapp at a party in New York during the late ’80s. (NBC)

Happening In NYC: Around 3pm on Halloween, a 29 year old man, Sayfullo Saipov, drove his car into a bicycle path in Lower Manhattan, killing eight people and injuring eleven. Saipov reportedly crashed into a school bus, then exited the vehicle with imitation firearms. Saipov was then shot by an NYPD police officer. According to law enforcement officials, a note written in English was found in the truck that the attack was done in the name of ISIS. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio stated that it “was an act of terror […] aimed at innocent civilians”, while President Trump has tweeted that he will step up extreme vetting. (BBC)

Happening On Campus: As part of Palestine Awareness Week, there will be a Palestinian Poetry Night featuring Tariq Luthun, today from 8:30-10:00pm in Ella Weed Room in Milbank. Palestine Awareness Week is a week of events, organised by Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine and Barnard/Columbia Jewish Voice for Peace, that aims “to raise awareness about the Palestinian struggle for justice & the Palestinian people’s resistance against the Israeli occupation”.

Overheard: Scarecrow.. scares crows… oh!

Bop Of The Day: Plants by Crumb

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