Bwoglines: Drones Are The Future Edition

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Soon they will control us!

Happening In The World: Syrian Deputy Environment Minister announces that Syria will join the Paris climate agreement, which leaves the United States alone in disagreement. The Paris Agreement is a climate accord that “unites the world’s nations in tackling climate change”. (BBC)

Happening In The Nation: In Minnesota, a drone helped save the life of an 84 year old man. The man had left at 3:45pm for a hunt, but when he did not return hours later, his wife grew concerned. After searching for about an hour with numerous false alarms, the drone located the man. The man was found face down and semi-conscious in a wet, swampy area. (CBS)

Happening In NYC: Bill de Blasio re-elected mayor of New York City; this will be his second term as mayor. Public opinion on de Blasio is divided, partly due to his corruption scandal and his feud with Governor Cuomo. After voting, de Blasio stated that he hoped his re-election would “restore the idea that this is a consistent, Democratic, progressive town.” (NYP)

Happening On Campus: There will be an opening reception for “Currents“, an art exhibition by Barnard students, tonight from 6 to 8pm in the Louise McCagg Gallery in the 4th floor of the Diana Center. “Currents” is a space for Barnard artists’ to share their “pressing visual and conceptual concerns”. The exhibition is open from October 31 to November 13.

Overheard: [Trying to pronounce the name Jacques] “Ja quease? Ja kwee?”

This man’s beautiful form via BLMOregon

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