Field Notes: Fall Break Edition

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Happy fall!

Bwog is finally back from fall break and we sure got up to a lot this past weekend. From being wholesome to being dangerous, read on to find out what Bwog did this break!

Bwog chills:

  • Fell asleep on a bed while a party raged around me.
  • Stayed up late watching Riverdale and now my Archie comics childhood is ruined.
  • Ended up taking shots with my geeky prom date and singing on a table.
  • Watched the sun rise and set without moving from my bed all day.
  • Went wake swimming in Vermont.
  • Had a few drunken conversations with my parents.
  • Baked one and a half pies because my friend dropped one while taking it out of the oven.
  • Had an impromptu sleepover with some friends because we were eating pie and talking and then suddenly it was 4am.
  • Was kind of drunk and almost cried when a waitress gave me syrup to go with my pancakes.
  • Rebuilt my town in Animal Crossing (& hate my new neighbors).
  • Got a tattoo.
  • Went to a George Washington University frat party with my best friend from childhood.
  • Started and finished the Stranger Things series so I could understand the memes.
  • Talked about Beyonce’s Halloween costume with someone different every single day of the break.

Bwog loves danger:

  • Almost got caught rolling by someone’s RA.
  • Wrapped a 1L bottle of gin in a scarf and brought it on my bus ride to Providence.
  • Successfully navigated Penn Station while stoned out of my mind on edibles.
  • Was so confused by the lock on an Amtrak bathroom that I stayed in there for 30 minutes and had to call a friend for help.
  • Spent a total of 20 hours on trains.
  • A man at the farmer’s market asked me if I wanted to get drinks with him. He is 38; I am 19.
  • Got drunk in my dorm and my RA came in to do inspections. Failed the inspections but gave zero fucks and kept drinking while she checked my room.
  • Accidentally dyed my hair purple.
  • Hooked up with a white guy and got bullied for it.

Bwog is wholesome:

  • Made a chocolate-caramel-almond tart.
  • Poorly dyed my roommate’s hair red.
  • Watched the children’s movie Sing and fucking cried.
  • Got my aura read in Chinatown.
  • Went to New Jersey.
  • Bought a 50-hour candle and burnt through 20 of the hours.
  • Got drunk with my roommate and jammed out to Justin Timberlake.
  • Went to the diner in Midtown where Lorde wrote her new album.
  • Went to Brown to visit a friend from high school.
  • Scrambled to make new plans for my girlfriend’s birthday.
  • Spent 2 hours at the MOMA and felt very at peace.
  • Made drinks for my friends and felt very adult.
  • Joined a monthly wine club called Wine Awesomeness.
  • Attempted to play the bag game and pulled something in my neck during the third round.  It’s still sore three days later.

Bwog gets political:

  • Knocked on over twenty thousand doors and called over ten thousands phones with CU Dems.
  • Met such political figures as: Jason Kander, Gov. Phil Murphy, Congressman Frank Pallone, and Jon Bon Jovi.
  • Denounced the American political system and vowed to never pursue a career in government. Scheduled interviews with two separate politicians the next day.
  • Met Bill de Blasio outside the 72nd St 1/2 station.
  • Voted.
  • My dad asked “What’s Fuck Spec?”

Little Bwog via Nick Chapman

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  1. Anonymous  

    how was getting your aura read? where can i do that

  2. Anonymous

    aura reading was excellent & very healing!! hit up magic jewelry in chinatown

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