MoHi Stores You Walk Past Every Day But Never Go Into

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Oh MoHi!

It’s easy to get too used to the familiar sights we see around Morningside Heights: that one Indian food truck, that gang of pigeons, that other gang of pigeons… We here at Bwog believe that these familiar sights may still have hidden gems. Whether you’ve walked past this shop a hundred times and never been in, Bwog has compiled a list of those MoHi stores you love to pretend don’t exist. Maybe you should go into one next time.

  • Amir’s: Their hummus is so good, also the people that work there are great.
  • Book Culture: Sell your books here, buy your books here.
  • Franny and Fanny’s: They have creepy baby dolls on like 112th and Broadway.
  • Häagen-Dazs: Expensive ice cream.
  • International
  • Jack’s Art Gallery: Their frames always look so nice… but so expensive.
  • Mondel Chocolates: Katharine Hepburn’s go to choc!
  • Park’s Shoe Repair: Mr Park’s a really good cobbler and gives you discounts if you’re Korean!
  • Pressed Juicery: Gentrification exemplified, but their Freezes are so good.
  • That bakery place under the Heights
  • That one flower store on Broadway and 112th
  • The party store
  • Shaking Crab
  • SubsConscious: Subalicious delicious!
  • Vitamin Shoppe: On 110th and Broadway… what even is this store?

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  1. CC 17

    Mondel's butternut crunch (maybe forgetting exact name) is so goddamn delicious that I always have to buy myself a few pieces when shopping for family/friends. 10/10, would recommend.

  2. alum

    I serious miss Amir's--their hummus shawarma platter is delicious. They also used to have a student discount!

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