Steps For Reintegration Post-CAVA

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This is like the second image for CAVA on Google.

Being CAVA’d can change a person. That trip to the hospital, whether the CAVA victim remembers it or not, does something to the mind, telling you that the choices you’ve made are seriously dangerous. The worst walk of shame you’ll ever take part in, from St. Luke’s back to campus, remains burned in the memory forever. That’s why Bwog is here to help delineate the best steps to take post-CAVA to both reintegrate back into society normally and clean up your life with as little embarrassment as possible.


  1. Call Public Safety to bring you back to campus. You’re too weak/hungover to make it back by yourself, but your friends have already helped you through enough–they deserve a break. So, make that fated call and suffer through the awkward ride back. You can do it, St. Luke’s isn’t that far.
  2. Use your roommate’s makeup remover wipes. To hell with skincare, you might say–but you’ll thank yourself when you wake up without eyeliner smeared all over your pillow. And while they’re not the best for the environment, makeup wipes are by FAR the most convenient option for you right now.
  3. Sleep. It won’t make the pain go away, but it will begin to make your body forgive you for the choices you made.
  4. Eat something. As unappetizing as Ferris pasta sounds right now, it’s the best thing you can do for your body to fill it up with something besides alcohol.
  5. Go redeem yourself to the RA on duty who was called when the front desk guard saw you come in stumbling. They don’t get paid enough for this.


  1. Buy a LOT of thank-you cards. Your friends watched you at your worst. You might not remember it, but the image of them holding a trash can while you threw up is burned in their mind.
  2. Catch up on the work you skipped to go to that frat party. The essay is still due Monday morning, even if you slept all of Sunday.
  3. STOP. DRINKING. Seems obvious given how even the smell of alcohol is probably repulsive to you now, but an important one. Even if it’s just a couple weeks. You won’t believe how much more productive you become when you’re not going out every weekend!

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  1. supportive mom  

    That image probably came up because cava is a type of spanish sparkling you can get cava'd by drinking cava.... well not really cause it would be super hard to get that drunk on sparkling wine, but I encourage you to try!

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