Things You’ll Inevitably See Now That It’s Cold Outside

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Although climate change has graced us with weather that unfortunately lets people get away with wearing flip flops to class, the cold has finally set in. With winter approaching fast, Staff Writer Megan Wylie researched some tips to prepare yourself for what you’ll see on campus.

  1. Couples trying to pretend they aren’t on the verge of a breakup by posting a tree lighting pic

    Not shown: The patch of black ice that made me late to class

  2. A scarf that smells like mothballs being used to save three seats in Ref
  3. Your crush in class ruining their aesthetic by wearing a horrendous beanie
  4. Athletes posing half-naked in the snow (you know who you are)
  5. Winter accessories that cost more than tuition
  6. The inevitable melange of filth and snow that covers Broadway after the first snowfall
  7. Students blending together in a flock of Canada Goose jackets
  8. Kids from Florida looking like they’re embarking on an Arctic excursion.
  9. People trying to ski down Low Steps
  10. “Cuffing Szn” Instagram posts
  11. Longer lines at the 114th street Starbucks
  12. Ferris dedicating the entire dessert display to some sort of tasteless gourd
  13. International students freezing outside Butler while smoking in subzero temperatures
  14. A lot of people posting about the weather even though it’s only 10 degrees colder than it was last week. Stay warm!

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