Bwoglines: Merry Crisis Edition

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Happening Around The World: Remember when North Korea was launching a bunch of missiles and they weren’t really going anywhere? Well, they did it again and now they’re going somewhere. The country’s government claims that their latest ballistic missile launch reached ten times the height of the International Space Station, and now the US is asking other nations to cut all ties with the DPRK. (BBC)

To reiterate: Really fucking high.

Happening In The US: Longtime “Today Show” anchor Matt Lauer has been fired from NBC after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct from coworkers. As SNL put it, it does indeed seem like every man we once trusted is a sex monster. (NBC News)

Happening In NYC: A review of the mayoral election found that New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge received ten write-in votes for the city’s highest office. Just when you think New York couldn’t out-New York itself any more… (NY Post)

Happening At Columbia: The Alexander Hamilton Society presents “Iran: Deal or No Deal” tonight in room 101 of the Law School from 8:00 – 9:30 pm. The event will be a debate between Danielle Pletka and David Phillips, and will center on whether the Iran Deal is a “landmark compromise or a dismal failure”.

Overheard: “Pret a Manger”, pronounced like “Away in a Manger”. Christmas is coming, folks!

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