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*Squeak!* The tax bill will make it much less affordable to attend grad school, a huge blow in the Republican war against intellectualism. *Squeak!*

Happening in the World: Protests in Honduras over what many citizens see as a fraudulent vote count in their presidential election have escalated into violence, prompting the sitting President to impose a curfew. Anyone found outside between 6 am and 6 pm could be arrested. (NYT)

Happening in the US: Senate Republicans have passed a 479-page tax bill with illegible handwritten notes that was finalized just hours before the final vote. The bill adds nearly a trillion and a half dollars to the deficit by 2018 and includes many provisions that disproportionately affect the rich, like a tax break for private jet ownership. (NYT)

Happening in NYC: A Fordham graduate student sequenced the genomes of rats from uptown and downtown and discovered significant genetic differences between them. He still has 200 frozen rat tails in a freezer somewhere, yet to be sequenced. (The Atlantic)

Happening on Campus: Today is your last chance to see Cold Whole Milk, NOMADS’s Fall 2017 Main Stage production, written and directed by Sarah Billings (BC ’18). Check it out!

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    It don't matter, you won't get a job from learning about participative management and global warming. THat's why they teach you that crap, so you won't get a job and all you can do is lobby to get them more grants!

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