Columbia College Winter Celebration: A Review

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Did you guys go to the “Columbia College Winter Celebration” tonight? Did you enjoy jockeying in an unruly hoard for free mugs and t-shirts as Deantini watched on with empty eyes? Did you feel like part of a community?

Check out the cover photo for the Facebook event above–why is “and the opportunity to meet your deans” in larger font than the part about the free stuff they were giving out? To be honest, I care a lot more about marshmallows than I do about Deantini. Also, if a perk of an event is to meet our deans, maybe said deans shouldn’t be so damn aloof in the first place. There’s definitely a problem with our campus culture if people are so surprised when they see Deantini that they take selfies with him! I tried to post about this in the Facebook event, but my post wasn’t approved (even after I texted CCSC President Nathan Rosin demanding that he approve it–love ya, Nathan!).

Anyway, the shirts and mugs are pretty cool. Apparently the baked potatoes were good and the mac n’ cheese was bad. I left without trying any of the food because I was stressed and overwhelmed after sacrificing my personal space at the altar of materialism. I didn’t get there early enough for a beanie because I was at office hours, but let me know below what you think of yours!

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  1. xxSEASgurl1998xx  

    Should have come to the SEAS holiday party; less pretentious, more chocolate fountains

  2. Anonymous

    Great party for CC students.

  3. Anonymous

    Rachel, why all the constant negativity?

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