Marching Band Publishes First Round Of Orgo Night Flyers

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It’s that time of year again, folks, that time where we open paragraphs with “it’s that time of year again, folks.” In all mock-seriousness, Orgo Night is here! Well, almost. In anticipation of the event, Columbia University Marching Band has released their first round of flyers, some of which have been more controversial than others. 

The posters say the event will take place in Butler on the last night of reading week, but it’s unclear as to whether the band will actually be let in this year. Get there early to snag a good spot, or bitch about it later.

“tromboner”. never heard that one before.

A joke for the people.

Should the football team publish a self-help book?

Probably the most “eh” of this year’s jokes.

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