Announcement: Orgo Night And Midnight Breakfast Tonight!

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Orgo Night in Butler 209 from Fall 2015.

Ah, the great dichotomy of the night before finals. In between your suffering and complaining pre- and post-midnight, youhave two options: The wholesome and reliable Midnight Breakfast, or the controversial and possibly banned Orgo Night. Whichever kind of fun you prefer, they both take place tonight at 12 am. (Barnard first-years can go to Midnight Breakfast at 11:00, the rest of BC at 11:30, and all of CU at 12.)

Meet the new Barnard president or boo the old Columbia one. Subsist on Butler Café for hours or fill up on waffles in Diana. Whichever you choose, enjoy your study break before it gets too weird.


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