Bwog In Bed: Final Countdown Edition

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Bwogline: Official plans have been announced for the L train closure, and just like with our finals, it will indeed involve taking an L. The plan is likely insufficient in battling the delays it will cause and will give New Yorkers another reason to be salty. (NY Times)

This isn’t a stop on the L, but it’s better than Williamsburg, right?

Study Tip: Order Insomnia. Be impressed that they knew where to find you in the International Affairs Building. Open Insomnia. Be dismayed by the incorrect order. Call Insomnia. Get put on hold for 10 minutes and then not even be able to speak to them because the Lehman Library is in the basement and AT&T sucks. Get a likely ban from Insomnia for calling so much. Eat your extra pint of ice cream anyway.


Procrastination Tip: The best type of procrastination is when you can pretend you’re actually doing work. Fall into a Wikipedia hole. Your new wealth of knowledge will make up for your less than satisfactory final exam grade.

Overheard: “Broccoli are nature’s trees.”

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