Multiple Shootings Near Campus Last Night; No Public Safety Alert

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Manhattan Brew & Vine on 109th and Columbus

Shortly after midnight last night (around 12:30am, Dec 16th), a man was fatally shot on the corner of 109th Street and Columbus Avenue in front of Manhattan Brew & Vine. He was pronounced dead at St. Luke’s Hospital with multiple shots to his torso. The police investigation continued late into this morning. The victim, 48-year-old Damian Ramirez, was the owner of Manhattan Brew & Vine.

Around 7pm on the same night (Friday, Dec 15th), an innocent bystander was grazed by a bullet on 103rd Street and Manhattan Avenue, and was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital. He told the police that he heard the gunshot, then felt a pain in his ear and realized he had been shot.

Despite the fact that both shootings happened extremely close to Columbia’s campus in one night, public safety did not issue an alert for either one of them. To put things into perspective, the fatal shooting on 109th and Columbus happened 2 blocks away from 1020 during peak hours on a Friday night. There are also Columbia-owned apartment buildings around the immediate vicinity of the shootings. Regardless, the Columbia community did not receive any public safety alerts of any form about either incident.

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  1. communist  

    bureaucracy is a funny thing

  2. Miffed Millie  

    Or what about the time when a Barnard student was literally assaulted within the vestibule of 616, but the BS public safety alert we received stated that a "person known to the department" was assaulted "on West 116th between Broadway and Riverside." I feel like that is the most roundabout way of saying that a student has been assaulted on college property. Is there some sort of conspiracy among public safety staff to maintain the facade that Morningside Heights is an idyllic, crime-free utopia?

  3. Anonymous  

    Bwog’s copy editors need to figure out how they want time to be displayed. Why is it military sometimes and 12-Hour at other times?

  4. Anonymous

    These incidences happened no where near campus, not at Columbia owned buildings or properties, and had nothing to do with Columbia students or staff , that is why no alert was done. It is not Columbia’s responsibility to post crimes going on on the Upper West Side.

  5. Anonymous

    And people still think tearing down Manhattanville projects is a bad thing?

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