Bwog In Bed: Petition For A Columbia Kitten Edition

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I think we should let this guy live in ButCaf.

Bwogline: On Saturday, a shadowy Pentagon program that investigated UFOs was revealed. The program, which began in 2007 largely under the request of Senator Harry Reid, was discontinued in 2012. Its backers say it is still in existence, without its $22 million a year in funding. I guess my dream to live in The X-Files isn’t dead after all. (NYT)

Study Tip: If you need something to listen to while you work, but can’t handle music, try finding a noise generator to block all the annoying people breathing in Butler. I recommend this website, which has everything from rain to white noise to Gregorian chants.

Music: The movie wasn’t the best but the soundtrack is super relaxing and quite possibly my favorite study music of all time.

Procrastination: Call your mom (or dad, best friend, sibling. whomever)! They’ll appreciate hearing from you and you’ll have a good excuse to step away from your books for a while and catch up. Or, if no one will pick up, go through your Facebook and get rid of all the gross people from high school you promised to unfriend the day after graduation.

Overheard: “I think with Columbia’s endowment we should get…a kitten. To live somewhere.”

this picture is my favorite thing via Bwog Archives

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