How To Best Use Your Free Time During Syllabus Week

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The city awaits you…

Are you one of the many that have successfully avoided the harrowing shopping period? Bwog’s got some things that you can do during the light and early weeks of the semester. 

  • The obvious one: binge-watch Netflix without guilt.
  • Try to meet up with all of your friends before the semester makes you flaky.
  • Leave the MoHi bubble and explore a new part of the city.
  • Visit the Michelangelo exhibit at the Met and the fashion exhibit at the MOMA.
  • Start saving money now. Put some to the side to have a good time, but remember: it’s a long road to May.
  • Go to all the INSIDER food video places you’ve always wanted to go to (Chick’nCone, Brodo, Bar Pa Tea).
  • Treat yourself to a manicure in the name of self-care.
  • Prepare a nice dinner with your friends. If you’re the unfortunate one that has to cook the whole meal, have a friend equipped with a large bottle of whatever to keep you in good spirits.

  • Nap! Especially if you think your immune system will give out on you.
  • Tell people that you’ll go to the gym, but go to Pret instead. Again, do it in the name of self-care.
  • Try out all the languages you ambitiously selected on Duolingo before you decide to ignore its passive aggressive reminders.
  • Get wine drunk while there’s no real work. If there is, do it anyway.
  • Forget about your fall semester crush.
  • Apply to all the babysitting jobs while everyone is distracted.
  • Make power playlists that will keep you energized in between classes this semester.
  • Stop pretending the Brooklyn commute is bad and actually go.

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