What To Do With Paper Syllabi

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For some reason, professors insist on giving us paper copies of the syllabus even when it’s available online. Senior staffer Abby Rubel has some ideas for what to do with the extra paper.

At least your desk won’t be this cluttered (probably).

  1. Burn it to stay warm. Our radiators are hot, but not hot enough to keep us warm in this weather. Use your extra syllabi to compensate.
  2. Learn origami. If you have enough paper to cut it into 1,000 pieces of paper, fold cranes! Then wish to pass all your classes because you wasted all the time you could have spent studying folding little bits of paper into bird-like shapes.
  3. Display them on your wall. Nothing says home sweet home like a wall reminding you how much reading you have.
  4. Use them as wrapping paper. Hey, it’s expensive, and you’re probably still behind on your holiday gift-giving. If it’s a small gift, an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper will do just fine.
  5. Recycle!
  6. Let them sit in your backpack until they inevitably become crumpled and unreadable, then finally recycle them when you get home for the summer. It’s the ultimate in procrastination.

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