Alternative Ways To Get Around Barnard

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Earlier this month, Dean Avis Hinkson informed students that the construction of the forthcoming Milstein Center would be moving to the lawn, temporarily closing the North-South walkway that has become Barnard’s main thoroughfare. Although Dean Hinkson stated that the closings should only last for a few minutes at a time, they’re still an inconvenience, as is the suggested route of going up and down Broadway to reach your classes at Altschul, Diana, and Milbank. To circumvent this, here are some proposed alternative routes:

  • Parkour off of Sulz Tower/rest of the Quad
  • Drones
  • Stealing the bulldozer and driving down Broadway
  • Pull an Uber driver and go down Claremont even though the GPS says Broadway
  • Apparate
  • Break into the tunnels
  • Naruto run


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