Bwoglines: Timothée Chalamet Edition

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We’re proud of our very own (almost) alumnus: Timothée Chalamet!

Happening in the World: Earlier this month, a woman managed to evade airport security and board a flight from Chicago to London without a boarding pass. This isn’t the first time she’s managed to sneak onto a flight. (The New York Times)

Happening in the US: Oscar nominations are out! This year’s nominees for Best Picture include “Call Me By Your Name,” “Lady Bird,” “The Shape of Water,” “Dunkirk,” and “Get Out.” (The Los Angeles Times)

Happening in NYC: Have time to go off campus this weekend? Here are some of Bwog’s recommended art exhibits (free with a Columbia/Barnard ID)!

  • Items: Is Fashion Modern? (MoMA) – This exhibit “explores the present, past—and sometimes the future—of 111 items of clothing and accessories that have had a strong impact on the world in the 20th and 21st centuries—and continue to hold currency today.” Sunday is the last day to see this exhibit!
  • David Hockney (The Met) – This exhibit features contemporary artist David Hockney, who’s most famous for his iconic depictions of Southern California. Highlights of the exhibition include Hockney’s duo portraits and his visual explorations of gay sexuality.
  • Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman and Designer (The Met) – This once-in-a-lifetime exhibition has brought together many of Michelangelo’s best works. His ink drawings are particularly awe-inducing; you have to see it to believe it.

Happening on Campus: “Reflections on the UN Human Rights Committee: 40 Years of Practice” will be happening in Fayerweather Hall from 4-5pm. Kretzmer who formerly served as a member and a Vice-Chair of the Committee will discuss his work and the impact of the body in advancing and protecting human rights. Check out more details here.

Overheard: “I can’t go to Ferris with you. I’m on a 3-day juice cleanse.”

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