Columbia Frats As The Bachelor Contestant Stereotypes

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Love me a nice red rose

Staff Writer Lucy Danger, who knows nothing about Columbia frats, and Social Media Editor Youngweon Lee, who knows nothing about The Bachelor, teamed up to match frats with contestant stereotypes. Lucy provided the stereotypes and Youngweon arbitrarily assigned frats to said stereotypes. Please don’t take this seriously. This list is completely made up and makes no sense.

  • The contestant who causes the first dramatic event and is hated by everyone – ΦΓΔ
  • The contestant who meant to go to an actress audition in LA and mistakenly ended up at The Bachelor‘s audition – ΑΔΦ
  • Just on the show for attention – ΔΣΦ
  • Gets sent home on a one-on-one date – ΖΒΤ
  • The single mom who keeps letting everyone know that she’s very serious about this show because she needs a dad for her kids – ΣΦΕ
  • The contestant with the really strong southern accent – ΠΚΑ
  • The real estate agent – ΣΧ
  • Gets the first one-on-one date and whines about it afterward – ΣΝ
  • Gets sent home on a two-on-one date – ΑΕΠ
  • The one with the really weird, niche job – ΒΘΠ
  • The one who makes it all the way to the first “exotic” country and then immediately gets sent home – ΚΔΡ
  • The one who doesn’t come to the rose ceremony because she doesn’t take it seriously enough – ΛΦΕ

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  1. ZBT =

    Zero Bitches Tonight

  2. ΣΧ  

    Aren’t real estate agents supposed to have IQ’s higher than lthe ow 70s? / Have enough brain function to walk and breath at the same time?

  3. Harmless AEPi joke was deleted

    Guess we really know who controls campus media...

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