Worst Places To Block Foot Traffic On Campus

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We all have somewhere we have to be.

It’s 10:08: you’re rushing to get to your seminar in Barnard Hall on time, but you’re still on college walk. You’re sprinting to get there on time before your professor makes another embarrassing comment. Here’s some rough spots on campus to find yourself when you’re crunched for time. 

  1. Hamilton stairs: some people have to run all the way up to the 7th floor! Do not be that person that runs into their friend on the stairwell and then stops. Not cool.
  2. Literally anywhere in John Jay or Ferris: especially at peak hours, these places are chaotic. If you’re going to block Bwog from getting to the pasta line, there’s going to be problems.
  3. In the Barnard tunnel: we know that this is only temporary, but we want to bitch about it anyway. Your group of four blocking literally half of the walkway is making it hard for us to run to Fayerweather! Also, your voices echo in there, so we can hear everything.
  4. Right outside of Mudd: getting to Mudd from anywhere else is bad enough, and trying to dodge the large groups of people that walk slowly out of the building makes things worse.
  5. Near the entrance/exit of EC: we are all drunk, trying to get our IDs and head over to Mel’s! We’re also sweaty, and we don’t want to have to push our way through a huddled mass of people trying to get the attention of the security guard keeping our cards hostage.
  6. Right in front of the Diana doors: Bwog loves love, but please don’t make out with your boyfriend right in front of the doors when it’s already tough enough to open those doors in the first place.
  7. The front stairwell of Schermerhorn: it’s bad enough that they’re slippery when they’re wet. If you have to take a phone call, find some safe ground elsewhere.
  8. The doorway of 1020: this isn’t technically on campus, but still annoying as hell. It’s early in the spring semester and it’s cold outside. Some of us are still working on being drunk enough to be comfortable standing outside.

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