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Happening in the World: In Russia, Vladimir Putin is basically running for president against himself, and seems poised for reelection on March 15. The Kremlin is struggling to make the campaign interesting, however; current organizations attempting to “generate buzz” include “I Really Like Putin!”, “For Putin!”, and “Putin Team.” (NYT)

Happening in the US: An Amtrak engineer in Washington state made a fatal mistake yesterday when he failed to sufficiently slow down before going around a curve. The train derailed at a bridge in DuPont, killing three people and injuring 62. (USA Today)

Happening in NYC: In October, 2017, Taylor Swift purchased a townhouse in Tribeca for $18 million. Now, Douglas Elliman, the brokerage firm that facilitated the sale, is suing her for skipping out on its $1 million commission. (Curbed NY)

Happening on Campus: The Black Theater Ensemble is holding auditions tonight and tomorrow night for its spring one act festival! This semester’s theme is “Black to the Future” (or, Afro-futurism). Find more information in their Facebook event.

Overseen: See right. We are all either entirely chill or not chill at all.

Plant of the day: Welwitschia mirabilis is a unique plant that is endemic to (i.e. is only native to) the Namib Desert. It consists of only two leaves, a stem base, and roots, yet can grow to over five feet tall and live up to 2,000 years, and draws all of its water from the desert’s fog. Two samples of this incredible plant currently live in the Barnard Greenhouse!

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